Saturday, October 13, 2007

DHS 2002 FC v Team Goat
13 October 2007, 3.00pm
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

DHS 2002 FC managed to come away with a hard-fought 2-1 win, despite the absence of many regulars and playing with 10 men for the entire duration of the match.

The match started off rather uneventfully, with the only notable moment of the first half occurring when Lim Yang fired a shot onto the post after some nice hold-up play, and Benny somehow couldn't finish off the 2 rebounds that fell to him, only hitting the bar.

The second half jinx hit DHS 2002 FC again, as a defensive mix-up between James, Ho Chuan and Zhirong allowed the Team Goat striker to poke the ball into an empty net, within minutes of the restart.

But the team battled through this setback, and got their equaliser merely minutes later when Lim Yang was put through onto a one-on-one situation. The striker didn't finish off his chance, but Jason was on hand to slot in the rebound after Lim Yang collided with the keeper while releasing his shot.

DHS 2002 FC never relented their pressure on their opponents, and finally got the winning goal after a nice passage of passes found the overlapping Benny free on the left flank. The wingback tried his luck from outside the area and it paid off as the ball slipped under the bar for the goal.

Team Goat tried to push on for their equaliser with time running out, but DHS 2002 FC held firm and protected their lead till the final whistle, despite a couple of chances for the opposition.

DHS 2002 FC: Zhirong; Zanrui, James, Ho Chuan, Benny; Boon Wee, Jason, Keng Yang, Wenguang; Lim Yang

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yitwoon is asking if we're up for a match on 13th October, Saturday, 3-5pm at Pasir Ris Crest. Please indicate your attendance, thanks!


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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hallooo team, it has been a while since we last played a game. Alright this is the latest, benny has managed to get a team to play on the 27 October, which is about a month from now. I would like to get some response if you guys can make it, kindly reply to benny or me. THANKS!

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Friday, June 29, 2007

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

16 May 2007

Dunmanians 2002 : Bedok South Secondary School (Kengs’s Students) Team

Score - 0 : 1

Dunmanians Class of 2002 faced yet another adversity in their quest for victory against a side of 16 year old juveniles on the soccer pitch of Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School. In other words, there was a huge hurdle to overcome in the form of fatigue brought upon by previous night hardcore Texas Hold’em action in Aranda, whereby Dricsy tio owned deep deep by Cech Zhirong., It was clearly evident that the Dunmanians had to cook up a spectacular platter of Tze Char instead of being overly confident and complacent against BSSSS (Bedok South Secondary School side).

A strong line-up was put up by our Special Tinkerman Jason. Black Panther turned Pink Panther (due to absence of gloves) Cech Zhirong as GK, 21 yr old Yao Chen as LB, Benny Tongz as RB and the two CBs (not cheese piez) were Ho Chuan and YZ. CMs as usual were Kengs and Jason whilst wingers include Dricsy (left) and Boon Wee (right). Kenny played in the role of withdrawn striker (similar to Looney) and Zan Rui as bulldozer forward ala Julio Baptista who can only tyco score 4 goals against Liverpool in dunno FA or League Cup. Subs warming bench include Bangwei, Wenguang as well as an unknown player wearing jersey No. 22. Who is he? Kaka or Waihin? That player was kaKAWAIhin !! So kawai & cute in his lame trick so that he can hit Zan Rui at least like not 5 times.

Too much of a digression. Back on a serious note, there were presence of a teaspoon of fighting spirit, a tablespoon of teamwork and a pinch of creativity and luck. The key ingredients were there but were the recipe for success on its way? Would the baked end product from the oven be a delicious victory fruitcake or an overcooked SM mess for the DHS kias?

The answer was clearly apparent the minute the match kicked off. Astonishingly, it was the opponent who committed a blunder in the 1st minute. The opposition keeper donning a grey no. 41 jersey spotting a transformers logo fumbled upon his first touch of the ball. He exhibited a clear display of butter fingers and dropped the ball upon his catch. However with Zan Rui showing a lack of composure, he failed capitalise and put the ball into the empty net and the keeper recovered by getting a firm grip of the ball once again.

The next chance of the match occurred in the 5th minute. It came in the form of Kenny using his silky skills to shield the ball. This time he was going for placing by trying to chip the ball into the right hand top corner of the net but it was blasted over the crossbar instead. A good chance went begging.

A series of events happened following Kenny’s spurned chance and since it’s overly action packed, they are summarised as follows:

10th min – Zan Rui pressurises the defence. Opponent buai tahan, so brings Zan Rui down by tugging his famous maroon-gold jersey. Najip gives freekick as offset package. Keng Yang bending it like Beckham but keeper saves the ball easily.

15th min – A mess in opponent’s penalty area. Boon Wee finds his way in opponent’s penalty area. His shot is blocked by Tevez Fatty John wearing No. 11 Jersey.

17th min – Swee Swee cross by Benny. However, Zan Rui goes AWOL and no one heads the ball in.

21th min – A chance to score. A shot by player manager goes slightly over the bar.

26th min - Oppenent scores! A shocker. Czech Zhirong fumbles on the ball and the opponent passes ball into net. Next time we should change our tagline from “SM” to “wake up”.

26.5th minute – Poor Ho Chuan tio scapegoat as he was subbed out for the introduction of Bangwei.

33th min – Yet another chance to score. A strong Kengs’s shot goes pass the left hand post

39th min – Benny does a bending high cross. Zan Rui attempts to apply superb finishing to the ball. But it results in innelastic collision between opponent and Zan Rui. Zan Rui feels his chest beri pain but his own teammates felt that he was playacting. Keeper gets the ball and referee rules no foul since Zan Rui was also offside.

6th min, 13th min, 22th min,38th min, 42th min -> BSSSS foul throw. MIB Najip was spot on. =)

47th min (2 minutes added for injury time) – First half ends.

In the interval, there was pep talk so as to pick Dunmanians 2002 from the doldrums as well as restore fighting spirit. As such, Yan Zhang gave way for supersub kaKAWAIhin22. Wenguang was Day 3 after his Atten B status and played his familiar role of left winger. That left Yan Zhang, Dricsy and Ho Chuan on a threesome on the bench.

Second half commenced as Najip blew the whistle. It was a tremendous paradox to the first half. Dunmanians pushed up and were constantly seeking opportunities to equalise.

Moreover it was tedious since BSSSS packed their defence and adopted a 10 men behind the ball strategy. They were practically parking their magic school bus in front of their goalpost. Siala!

Zan Rui was a huge disappointment as he blew 2 golden chances to score. The 1st chance came in the 50th minute whereby Kenny dribbled the ball to the byline and cut back the ball to Zan Rui. Poor first touch of the ball and the opponent earned a goalkick. The 2nd chance when Boon Wee did a through pass to him. It was a sitter but he spurned the chance. As such, he was subbed out in the 60th minute for the reintroduction of Dricsysy.

There were numerous shots by Dunmanians that came close to going into the net that left the fans sighing. These include shots by Jason, Boon Wee, Bangwei, Kenny, Keng Yang. Notable efforts include the plentiful runs that wingers Wenguang and Bonn Wee executed. These threatened the opponent’s Spartan like defence greatly but still ain’t enough.

One of the critical moments of the match occurred in the 55th minute whereby DHS 2002 earned a corner kick. Wenguang executed an inswinging corner kick and the opponent’s defence were in sixes and sevens. In the scramble, Zan Rui managed in flick the ball back for Jason to head the ball in. The celebration ended before it even began as it deemed disallowed goal by the Men In Black (Referee) given that Zan Rui was judged to be in an offside position.

Dunmanians were getting more and more desperate to try to secure a good result to end their disappointing spell in maroon-goal jerseys. The whole team push up so much to the point that Cech Zhirong was very close to the halfway line. In the dying minutes, Dricsy attempted a banana kick that was atrocious. What was he thinking?

A last ditch attempt from Jason was in the form of a half volley that seemed destined for goal. Moreover in the last split second, the opponent’s goalkeeper dived gracefully to save the ball.

That sums up all. The opponent was here for a result and did not adhere to the beautiful game, it was saddening but nevertheless they achieved their objective. In retrospect, Dunmanians did not play the beautiful game too since Dunmanians Class of 2002 did not play to full potential. Neither was lady luck on their side.

Man of the match: Initially awarded to Cech Zhirong for his performance and excellent form in texas. But reawarded to Najip since he’s back (bo bian he Man in Black lar lol...) and because Zhirong had fumbled the ball to allow opponent to score in the 26th minute.

Quotes of the day:
Benny to Dricsy: “You wanna fall down, fall down harder!!!”

Benny to Zan Rui: “You wanna kick, kick harder!!!”

Dricsy proudly saying to whole team: “Just now I did a superb BANANA kick!!!”

Boo-boo: Ganasai goalkicks by the opponent.

Red Card: Goalkeeper wasted 5 minutes by changing his boots during the second half

Courtesy of the Thirsty Traveller Zhou Xing Xing , now on holiday with Da Shu to scout for fruit juices as he is running out of creative juices for match leports. He wants to convey his message to Dunmanians: “Everyday is not Sunday la, you think play soccer so easy to win meh? Next match on June 24, it’s a Sunday sia!! Buy Dunmanians give half ball consperm got chance sia!”

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SM -> Simi Straits Times

Bucked toothed Ronnie turns into... -> ET

Manchester United Fans create the new cheer -> "The Nani Chant"!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


these are the 3 matches that has been confirmed

Sat, 16th June
3 to 5pm
Pasir Ris Crest Sec
Bus Services : 358, 17, 81, 12, 3
Nearest MRT Station : Pasir Ris MRT

Sunday, 24 June
1 to 3pm
Bukit Timah field,482

Sat, 30th June
5 to 7pm
Bedok View Sec
Bus Services : SBS 2, 9, 12, 14, 24, 31, 38
Nearest MRT Station : Tanah Merah MRT Station

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Shunsuke Nakamura and Cristiano Ronaldo would have been proud of this.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Managed to get the pictures sorted out:

Galatasaray pictures:

Urawa Reds pictures:

Sparta Prague pictures:


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Monday, June 11, 2007

Also went to an Asian Champions League match in Japan between Urawa Reds and Sydney FC. Best atmosphere I've ever seen or experienced bar none.

Video wasn't taken by me though, I'll put up one of how it was like inside that big heart soon.


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Friday, June 8, 2007

A few pictures of the visit to the Istanbul Derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. More to come.

Pictures by Benny

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some clips to share with Dunmanians 2002

Gerrard tio owned by boy boy:

Dricsy next match can try this:

Zamorano can continue doing this whenever he dive:

This one hard to execute:

Last but not least, EPL Player of the Year:

Clips proudly provided by

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26 May 2007
View Secondary School

DHS 1:1 Bangwei's Friend Team (The Blacks feat. Louis)
(Keng Yang, 40th minute)

Bedok View Secondary School. A setting that was apt to clinch our first victory on the road in our maroon-gold jersey. But it was not to be. Conditions were unfavourable with Dunmanians of 2002 being under strength with several key players in trials with various European, Middle-East and Southeast Asian clubs as well as a field that resembled the Sahara desert.

The match kicked off around 5pm despite the absence of the referee. An experimental 4-4-2 line-up was put up with many of our players starting in various new roles. Alan pushed up to centre midfield to try to reinstate his 2B/4A partnership with Keng Yang, Jason dropped back to central defence to partner a supposedly hooligan "Dricsy" whilst new signings Jeremy Kiw and Marcus Teo tried to impress at left back and supporting striker respectively. Banana kick specialist Yao Chen recovered from a neck injury to feature at left flank whilst Kenny started as the target man striker.

As the "imaginary whistle" blew off, both teams started to string a few passes. However, passing of both teams were kind of sloppy since conditions were like a beach soccer playing surface. In the 5th minute, Dunmanians intercepted the opposition’s pass and launched an attack. The ball reached Kenny's feet and he did a turn ala Berbatov and tried to put the ball in the net. The lucky stars were not there and it glanced past the left post of the opposing goalkeeper. It was a wasted opportunity indeed.

As the match progressed, both teams gave the ball away cheaply whenever they gained possession. As a result, the Blacks tried the aggressive approach by launching tenacious tackles that were not short of cynical. This caused the match getting out of hand but it was no surprise due to the absence of the referee. There was a lack of an umpire to give calls to 50-50 decisions, where both teams claim that they are right.

In the midst of the first half, opposing player No. 8 Zac played the role of playmaker by taking initiative in launching numerous attacks at Dunmanians right side. That was our weakest link since Tse Yang had pushed up too much as right midfielder. With lack of cover, commanding right back Bangwei resembled a sponge, constantly absorbing and neutralising attacks from the opposing left midfielder. At one moment, opposition did a long throw in from their left flank; Dricsy was caught off guard and called for offside since Yong Bu Yan Bai contestant "Louis" was in offside position. However it was not offside since it was a throw in and Louis tried to capitalise on that. Dricsy showed his garang side by slicing the heels of Louis, claiming that it was a legitimate tackle. Soon, sparks flew and both teams were heated up.

Dunmanians were clearly in attacking mood when Kenny made way for remaining, supersub Boon Wee in the 30 minute as Kenny had suffered abrasions from grass. The No. 4 added pace to our team and our attacking play improved.

Closing to the end of the first half when makeshift timekeeper Zan Rui called for 5 minutes remaining, a low ball pass from Keng Yang reached the feet of fox in the box Tse Yang. Tse Yang was in decision of whether to dribble past the defender or shoot. At that point of time, what was seen was like a ham sandwiched in two pieces of freshly toasted bread. Tse Yang was clearly that piece of juicy ham as he was being sandwiched by two defenders in the penalty box. He was brought down! All in maroon jerseys felt it was a penalty. Opposition claimed it was a free kick. We were stunned and felt SM. With the resulting free kick, Keng Yang bended the ball over the wall and over their frail keeper and into the net. The scoreline read 1-0. Justice was served. The first half soon ended.

Player manager Jason then started to give out instructions to players on how to capitalise on the weaknesses of the opposition. His acts reminded us of a certain Sudramoothy in his twilight years at Jurong FC years back. We were happy that our team mate cum manager did not dish out hairdryer treatment to us but showered us with encouragement to perform better in the 2nd half. Main changes included the change from a 4-4-2 line-up to a 4-5-1 line-up. This meant more man behind the ball and that the lone striker has to do the sai gang of constantly chasing balls as well as link up with the 5 midfielders. Zanrui earned some playing time as striker, Kenny pushed back to centre mid as a midfield maestro, Boon Wee pushing to the left in the role of pacey winger whilst Yao Chen was back in his familiar Roberto Carlos position of left back.

Second half started after the break. Clearly the heat in everyone’s heart remained as tempers flared. As usual, there was continuation of sloppy passing from first half by both teams but Dunmanians were slightly better as we displayed sporting behaviour despite several bad calls of decisions.

No. 19 displayed his dirty antics once again which was not short of astonishing. In the 48 minute, he was deemed by us to have handled the ball at somewhere around the centre line. He denied in doing so and kept claiming that he did not handle the ball by showing us his golden third finger, followed by dribbling down his right flank and scoring. We were in disgust as he celebrated arrogantly as though he had won the S-League.

Our team tried very hard to pull one back straight after conceding, so as to catch the opponent by surprise. In the 54 minute, Zanrui tried what Zidane had done against Bayer Leverkusen in 2002 Champions League Final. It was an audacious attempt to volley the ball and the ball entered the school premises instead, resulting in a 5 minute delay in the match as Zanrui had to go pick the ball by climbing through 5 gates. He felt as lonely when getting the ball back as he was playing the lone striker.

Both teams regrouped after the delay. Zanrui swapped roles with Yao Chen whilst Yao Chen subbed out for the reintroduction of Marcus Teo. It proved to be an inspiring substitution as attacking link ups were improved. The triangle of Marcus, Kenny and Boon Wee started to connect though no goals were scored. Defensively it was quite a disaster since many scoring opportunities were presented to the opposition. Moreover, our opponent flunked these chances as their teamwork was not there, with their No. 19 who constantly blaming “Ali” for not passing the ball to him and connecting well with him.

Star player “Dricsy” attempted to stamp his authority in the match by executing various tenacious tackles. All of us knew he was trying hard, but he had done so to the point that he suffered cramps and we welcomed the reintroduction of Yao Chen for him. Yao Chen switched to left side of defence and Zan Rui to central defence.

Instantly, there was melodrama as opponent player No. 8 Zac bodychecked Zan Rui, with his studs having minimal contact with Zan Rui’s left calf. Zan Rui made full use of the contact with his theatrics, falling to the ground and shouting in pain. This earned our team a free kick which was crucial as No. 8 Zac was furious and lost his cool, and he was even reprimanded by his teammates.

Possession was evenly shared with both teams attempting to play their passing game. We were soaking up constant pressure so as to launch quick counter attacks at the opponent. Marcus was linking up very well with Boon Wee and Kenny but they lacked the finishing touch since the opponent crunched in with several dirty tackles with malicious intent.

The opponent got through our defence on two instances. The first instance being No. 8 Zac in a one on one situation with black panther “Cech” Zhirong. Zac had the chance to shoot from an acute angle but before he could do so, evergreen defender Zan Rui neutralised him by using his physical presence to bodycheck Zac so as to prevent him to shoot. Our opponents cried foul and wanted penalty, but since there was no referee, judgement call could not be made.

On the second instance, opponent’s No. 19 got through again and was ready to shoot. A technical foul was executed by Zan Rui to prevent him from shooting. This resulted in a free kick conceded just at the edge of the penalty box. As we formed the wall, the opponent tried to disorientate our wall. Both sides clashed when Bangwei’s friend, the guy donning the No. 2 jersey, was unhappy with Yao Chen for banging to him. Both of them were told to cool down. No.19 flunked the free kick, blasting the ball out, to our relief.

In a last ditch attempt to snatch a victory, Keng Yang initiated an attack from the left flank by dribbling past 3 defenders and into the penalty area. Our only fan on the sidelines “pom pom boy” Jeremy Kiw thought that was the moment of the match as Keng Yang look as though he would score. However, their last man was in luck as he was the right place at the right time and toed poked the ball out of play just in time to save his team.

Time ticked away and another “imaginary” final whistle was blown. The match had ended in a bore draw that was full of stagnant play. The match was rated 4 out of 5 yawns for being played in such an uninspiring fashion.

Oscar Moment of the match: A supposedly Chilean named player " Zamorano" honed his playacting skills once again when opposing rugger "Zac" tried to do his scrum on him. Talk in the town says Zamorano is going to be transferred to a Bollywood soccer club in Mumbai.

Most Improved player: Right back Bangwei. He was the unsung hero cancelling out numerous attacks by the opponent. Supported attacking play as well.

Hot prospect of the future: Zamorano’s Sec 2 classmate Marcus Teo. He is equipped with great holding ball skills as spreading the ball well to his counterparts Boon Wee and Kenny.

Man of the match: Hard to judge. Probably none. Could be that invisible referee.

Quotes of the day:

First Quote: Zhirong to No. 19 "SM, why you so vulgar?" when bespectacled No.19 spewed expletives at our black panther goalkeeper.

Second Quote: Zamorano to opponent: “No Ref, how to foul throw?” when opponent claimed Zamorano fouled throw.

Third Quote: Dricsy in urging us to be unsporting by saying “Dun shake their hands”

Positives of the match: Entrepreneurship displayed by Dunmanians. What more can I say with us having a round of free water chestnut and sugarcane drinks at Bedok 85?

Negatives of the match:

It all started because of the fact of the absence of a referee.

Dricsy showing that he can be head of gangs of New York by committing cynical fouls and displaying a lack of sportsman behaviour whilst wearing a I LOVE NY tee.

Lack of key players such as Thiellery(Cambodia/Vietnam), Benny "Tevez" Tong(Europe/Japan), Wenguang(Atten B), yanZhang(Atten C), limyang(Dubai) and small dog Hanzen(???).

Joke of the day: Mocking and laughing while reminiscing at Louis's Beckham impersonation in the Channel 8 show Yong Bu Yan Bai. He had suffered cramps while attempting a weak bicycle kick in the 2nd half.

courtesy of Zamorano

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Match on 26 May, Saturday, 4 30 - 7pm, Bedok View Sec, red jersey.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

and here they are. finally. up on this blog where pictures of girls are lacking. :)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Match against Bangwei's friends is confirmed.
26 May, Saturday
4 30 - 7pm
Bedok View Sec (Walking distance from Tanah Merah MRT)
Red Jersey
there will be no soccer this weekend but
Camy, our ardent fan,
is organising Sentosa Trip for DHS people
on this Saturday, 19 May
those interested pls meet at 10am in Harbour Front

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry for taking so long. And sorry again if I’ve missed out anything important.

Dunman 1:2 TPJC (12 May 07)
(Wen Guang)

East View Sec School field is proving to be an unlucky home ground for the Dunman High Team, who has lost all their matches there. To add insult to injury, they have not tasted victory since donning their maroon jerseys. It was their third straight defeat.

The signs were there. 30 minutes before kickoff, there were only 4 members present on the field. Clearly, Dunman High was not able to use their “rolling sub” tactic for this match. During warm-up, the opponents looked fresher and faster while the Dunmanians looked lethargic and struck the post several times. However, the Dunmanians were still quietly confident of their chances. After all, their performance against the VJ team last week was credible and surely, a team whose official jersey is a singlet shouldn’t pose much of a problem to them. The last blow came in the form of a man in black. No, it wasn’t the keeper, who, in all honesty, had a match to forget. Rather, it was their favourite referee, who AWOL-ed.

To the Dunmanians’ surprise, the TPJC team completely dominated the early exchanges. They were strangely subdued in a half that they would normally score. The TPJC’s midfield was running riot and Dunmanians were left chasing shadows. If the VJ team was about speed, strength and stamina, then this TPJC team was about technique and finesse. Their distribution of the ball was marvelous. This was well exemplified by the left back, whose long balls were a constant threat to Dunman High’s defence. Their neat passing created a couple of one on one chances in the first half.

Soon, Dunman High found their rhythm and began to press their opponents. On one occasion, their efforts almost paid off. After intercepting a weak clearance from their keeper, Dunman High's top scorer Wen Guang sent the ball to the penalty area which led to a goalmouth melee.

Towards the end of the first half, both sets of players were feeling the effects of the unrelenting sun, and their bodies were crying out for the half time whistle. The tempo of the match gradually slowed down.

Somebody pointed out that Dunman High is most vulnerable in the first few minutes of the second half and true enough, the deadlock was broken shortly after the restart. A quick turn by the TPJC striker put him through on goal and he slotted the ball past Zhirong coolly. It was a cruel blow as the Dunmanians had matched them stride for stride prior to half time.

TPJC continued to surge forward against a shell-shocked Dunmanians. They were stringing passes in Dunman High’s half with confidence and they got their reward soon after. A wayward shot took a wicked deflection off James and the ball lobbed over Zhirong. 2-0!

Dunman High was jolted into action. They responded with a goal almost immediately. An innocuous high ball by Wen Guang was heading towards the keeper. Inexplicably, he allowed it to bounce over him and into goal without making a decent attempt to save the ball. He seemed to be more interested in keeping a clean pair of gloves than a clean sheet.

Desperate for an equalizer, Dunmanians gave everything they could. Zan Rui displayed tremendous fighting spirit to clear the ball after losing it, even though he was on the ground. Kenny sprinted 100 metres to win back the ball. There were a couple of offside decisions which were appalling. Apparently, the replacement referee did not know that a player cannot be offside if he is not active.

Credit to the TPJC team though, who showed no signs of crumbling under pressure and stood firm to the end. Their defence limited Dunman High to a few shots throughout the match. If not for the freak goal, they would have had a clean sheet. However, the Dunman High team can be proud of themselves as well, for giving their all in a hard fought match.

Man of the match: Awarded to Zan Rui initially, but re-awarded to Wen Guang for playing through the pain barrier. Get well soon!

Quote of the day: “The referee should watch EPL tonight,” said Keng Yang, taking a dig at the referee’s knowledge of the offside rule.

Moment of the day: Zan Rui trying to clear the ball while he was on the ground.

Yellow Card: The striker who kept pushing Bang Wei in the first half.

Red Card: The referee.

Courtesy of Zhirong

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Guys, match against Nesta's team is cancelled.
Have a good rest. Watch this space for updates on the next match.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dear Dunmanians

Our left winger, Leong Wenguang, has been admitted to Changi Hospital after yesterday's match. He is suffering from a punctured lung, the cause of it is unknown. According to him, currently he's feeling ok except for some pain in his left lung. He will discharge 3 to 4 days later. Lastly, concerned friends who wish to pay him a visit may do so, the ward number is 28, bed number 16.

May God bless him, get well soon Wenguang!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Match against Nesta's team confirmed, but note the change in timing.
20 May, Sunday
Bukit Timah Field

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dunman high 2002

ok. this is the team for now.

the team
















secret weapon w/o jersey!








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Sun, 27 October 2007, 2.30pm to 5pm@ SAFRA Tampines

scores 2007

dhs 2-0 kenny's friend's team
brian, jason

dhs 2-3 team goat

dhs 5-2 kenny's army friend's team
jason, kenny, wg(2), limyang

dhs 2-3 victorians
kenny, ellery

dhs 1-2 ex-tpjc

dhs 1-1 bangwei's friend's team

dhs 0-1 kengyang's student BSSS team

dhs 2-2 kenny's cj friends
boonwee, jason

dhs 3-1 marcus' team
alvin(jason's brother), nicholas wan, marcus

dhs 6-2 ex-RVHS
jason, kenny(2), kengyang(3)

dhs 2-1 team goat
jason, benny

dhs 7-2 kallangroar fc
Form: W-L-W-L-L-D-L-D-W-W-W-W


for any clarifications on this blog or news about the team pls contact wenguang or jason. thanx

Alan 13

Bang Wei 91

Benny 58

Boonwee 4

Brian 7

Cedric 12

Ellery 3

Hanzen 5

Ho Chuan 16

James 69

Jason 9

Kengyang 8

Kenny 10

Limyang 14

Mervyn 23

Waihin 22

Wenguang 11

YanZhang 17

YaoChen 6

Zanrui 18

Zhirong 1